SGA Alumni Association
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Our Team

Our Board of Directors and our Executive Officers work hard towards the Association's mission, thinking of creative ways to help our members gain new experiences, grow their knowledge, and challenge them to improve themselves. The Board of Directors meets quarterly to review progress, approve changes, and provide advice and direction, while the Executive Officers meet on a weekly basis to ensure that all of the back-end work is taken care of so our community can enjoy our events and programs.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serve as the governing body for the Sun God Archery Alumni Association. Directors provide guidance through their knowledge and experience on the best way to achieve the Association's mission, adopt sound legal and ethical policies, and make financial decisions for the sustainability of the organization.  

Ken Lane

Independent Director


Laurel Dean

Alumni Director
Honorary Alumni

UC San Diego Recreation | Assistant Director of Rec Classes

Alina Zhu

Alumni Director
SGA Founder and Alumni

B.S. Biochemistry and Cell Biology | UC San Diego, 2015


Leticia Malavasi

Independent Director

USA Archery | High Performance Manager


Executive Officers

Executive Officers are appointed by the Board of Directors to oversee the administration, programs, and day to day activities of the Association. They are directly responsible for organizing and executing the strategic plan and ensuring that the Association continues on its drive to achieve its mission. 


Jason Tong

Chief Executive Officer

Association Founder
SGA Alumni
USA Archery | Level 4-NTS Coach
B.S. Biochemistry and Cell Biology | UC San Diego, 2017

Before founding the Association and becoming CEO, Jason joined SGA in Fall 2013-the first academic year SGA existed. In 2014-2015 he served as Vice President and Team Captain, in 2015-2016 he served as President, and in 2016-2017 he served as President and Team Captain. He served as Assistant Coach from 2014-2017 and currently serves SGA as Head Coach.


Keaton Chia

Chief Operating Officer

Association Founder
Honorary Alumni
USA Archery | Level 4-NTS Coach Trainer
B.S Mechanical Engineering | UC Berkeley, 2009

Keaton is the Chief Operating Officer, managing membership and events, and supporting the day to day internal operations of the Association. Keaton first met SGA in 2014 during OAS events held at the former Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. After becoming Director of the Easton Archery Center of Excellence in 2015, Keaton supported SGA through numerous opportunities in athlete, coach, and judge development. He has continued to be a mentor to SGA in event hosting and organization, strategic planning and development, and process improvement and change management.


Kelton Cheng

Chief Communications Officer

SGA Alumni
USA Archery | Level 3-NTS Coach
B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | UC San Diego, 2018

Kelton is the Association's Chief Communications Officer, leading the media and communications strategy, building our public relations while helping our community stay connected. Kelton joined SGA during the summer at the end of his first year in 2014, soon after becoming the first SGA member to earn the title National Champion at NOCC in Harrisonburg, VA in 2015. In 2015-2016, he served as SGA Vice President, Facilities Manager in 2016-2018, and Webmaster in 2017-2018.


Kaitlyn Huang

Chief Brand Officer

SGA Alumni
USA Archery | Level 3-NTS Coach
B.S. Probability and Statistics | UC San Diego, 2018

Kaitlyn serves as Chief Brand Officer, supporting the development of the Association's brand by designing artwork, banners, pins, and our upcoming line of SGA Chibis. Kaitlyn joined SGA when she arrived at UCSD in Fall 2015, becoming the JOAD Program Director in 2016-2018, and becoming the 2nd SGA member to achieve the title of National Champion in recurve mixed teams during the 2017 NOCC.


"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend."

Albert Camus


Our Family


The Association was founded off the belief that our community is more than that-it is also our family who we learn from, share our experiences with, and ultimately grow alongside.

This is our family