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2020 Fivics SoCal Indoor Archery Collegiate Championship


Tournament Info

The 2020 Fivics SoCal Indoor Archery Collegiate Championship (SIACC) consists of a series of qualifiers before the single-day event in January. The qualifiers will be hosted at different venues in outdoor settings and as a result, can have different conditions based on weather, lighting, and facilities. Qualifiers are 60-arrows on a single morning and all participants are allowed to attend all four (4) qualifiers, but in order to compete in 2020 SIACC, participants must attend at least one (1) qualifier. There is no requirement that participants attend all 4, but for ranking we will use a participant’s highest score. SIACC itself consists of Round Robins in the morning (flights of 6) and Mixed Teams in the afternoon. Each qualifier will have Lancaster Archery Supply Gift Card Raffles for all the participants, and by attending three qualifiers or attending two qualifiers and SIACC, participants will receive an event shirt. Qualifier placement, match wins in Round Robins, and placement in Mixed Teams all contribute to the overall team score to earn the title (and trophy) of SoCal Indoor Archery Collegiate Team Champion!

**You DO NOT need to sign up for SGA Alumni Membership to participate in Qualifiers or SIACC**


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