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Tournament Info

The 2019 NorCal Indoor Archery Collegiate Championship (NIACC) consists of a series of qualifiers before the single-day event in January. The qualifiers will be hosted at different venues in outdoor settings and as a result, can have different conditions based on weather, lighting, and facilities. Qualifiers are 60-arrows on a single morning and all participants are allowed to attend all five (5) qualifiers, but in order to compete in 2019 NIACC, participants must attend at least one (1) qualifier. There is no requirement that participants attend all 5, but for ranking we will use a participant’s highest score. NIACC itself consists of Round Robins in the morning (flights of 6) and Mixed Teams in the afternoon. Each qualifier will have Lancaster Archery Supply Gift Card Raffles for all the participants, and by attending three qualifiers or attending two and NIACC, participants will receive an event shirt. Qualifier placement, match wins in Round Robins, and placement in Mixed Teams all contribute to the overall team score to earn the title (and trophy) of NorCal Indoor Archery Collegiate Team Champion!

Qualifiers and Registration


Qualifier Registration

$10 Paid by Wednesday 11:59:59 PM PST before the qualifier

$15 Walk-on (before the start of Official Practice)

NIACC Registration

$70 until December 28, 2018 at 11:50:59 PM PST

$85 until January 16, 2019 at 11:59:59 PM PST


All payment will be through the Sun God Archery Alumni Association. We accept checks, cash, credit (on-site qualifiers), and paypal. Checks should be made out to the Sun God Archery Alumni Association. Checks and cash should be mailed to the following address:

Sun God Archery Alumni Association
Attn: Jason Tong
7770 Regents Rd. #113-148
San Diego, CA 92122

If you are mailing us checks or cash please send us an email at when you mail it. If it is mailed before the deadline for early registration for NIACC and we received an email letting us know that it was sent, we will accept that registration fee. Participants need to have paid before the start of official practice of the qualifier or NIACC or they will not be allowed to compete. As a result and due to the timeline of registration for the qualifiers, if you plan to pay by cash or check, please deliver in person the walk-in fee or mail it several days before the deadline.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

For Qualifiers, an athlete may cancel their registration for a full refund up until the start of Official Practice for the qualifier. Once official practice begins, if a request has not been made by the start of official practice, there will be no refunds. If an athlete is unable to make a qualifier, but can make a different one, they may transfer their registration fees by requesting in writing to the tournament director within three (3) days after the qualifier they could not attend.

An athlete may cancel their registration to NIACC for a full refund if it is requested in writing to the tournament director (mail or email, email highly recommended) by Friday, January 4, 2019 11:59:59 PM. Cancellations for a 50% refund of the registration fee paid by that athlete will be allowed until Friday, January 11, 2019 11:59:59 PM. Afterwards, any cancellations or no-shows will not be eligible for a refund of their paid fees.


Each qualifier will follow the general World Archery format for Indoor Qualification Rounds while using USA Archery Collegiate Archery Program Divisions.

NIACC will consist of the following rounds:

  1. Mixed Team

  2. Round Robin Olympic Rounds

All Schools will be allowed to register an A team and a B team for each division (i.e. if UC San Diego has 6 male recurves, they can create a Male Recurve A Team and Male Recurve B Team). Teams must register an A team before they can register a B team.

All Divisions will be shooting at 18m on a 40cm target face. Archers may choose whether they want to shoot on a 10-ring target or a 3-spot target. The bowhunter division will shoot outer 10 while the compound division shoots inner 10 (i.e. Compounds must shoot an “X” in order to get 10 points. The normal 10 ring for all other divisions counts as a 9 ring for the compound division).

Dress Code

It is highly encouraged that athletes wear their team uniforms during the qualifiers, but it is not required. We would recommend wearing some kind of clothing that identifies what college/university the athlete is from.

The Official USA Archery Dress Code will still be followed for the qualifiers and NIACC.

During NIACC, every athlete from the same school on the same team (e.g. UC San Diego male recurve) must be wearing the same uniform. However, a different division from the same team (e.g. UC San Diego female recurve) can have a different uniform as long as it stays compliant with the rest of the rules.


World Archery a few years ago released their official policy on camouflage equipment and USA Archery released their official interpretation of the rules and how it applies to USA Archery events. The camouflage policy is that no clothing can be camouflaged, but all camouflaged equipment is allowed (noted at the very bottom of the document).


The qualifiers and NIACC are not officially sanctioned by World Archery or USA Archery. As a result, scores are not eligible for world or national records.

Official Qualifier Schedule

Please note that this schedule is subject to change based upon Venue Hosts and Facility Availability* Official Schedules will be sent out before the event.

9:00 AM Venue Open
9:15 AM Check-in and Equipment Inspection Opens
10:00 AM Official Practice Begins (3 Ends of Practice)
10:30 AM Official Scoring Round 1 Begins
11:45 AM Official Scoring Round 2 Begins
1:00 PM Awards

Official Tournament Schedule

7:00 AM Doors Open, Check-in Opens
7:15 AM Equipment Inspection Opens
8:00 AM Official Practice Begins, Round Robin ORs (2 Ends)
8:15 AM Round Robins Begin (5 Rounds, Flights of 6)
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Lunch
2:30 PM Mixed Teams Official Practice (2 Ends)
5:00 PM Awards
5:45 PM Group Photo

Prizes and Awards


  1. The top 3 qualification scores from each division will be awarded at NIACC after all scores have been compiled with the top score used for each athlete.

  2. The top 3 teams for each division in Mixed Teams will be awarded medals

  3. The winner of the top 3 flights will win their respective medal (i.e. 1st Flight - Gold, 2nd Flight - Silver, 3rd Flight - Bronze).


Participants are eligible for a free event shirt if they meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Attend 3 qualifiers

  2. Attend 2 qualifiers and NIACC

Otherwise, event shirts will be available in limited quantities for $10 for purchase at NIACC or can be ordered during a qualifier. Shirts will be available for pickup during NIACC.


All participants in NIACC Event in January will receive a complementary event pin with their registration.

Lancaster Gift Card Raffle

There will be a raffle during each qualifier and at NIACC. All participants during the qualifier will receive one (1) entry into the raffle to win one of three (3) $10 Lancaster Archery Supply Gift Cards. The winners will be announced during the awards ceremony of each qualifier.

For NIACC, all participants receive one (1) raffle ticket for every qualifier they attend and one (1) raffle ticket for participating in NIACC (i.e. maximum of 4). There will be five (5) $10 Lancaster Archery Supply Gift Cards. The winners will be announced during the awards ceremony of the event.

Conference Champion

Placement Calculation

The top three (3) teams will be calculated by awarding points based on placement of qualifying scores, mixed team rounds, and for round robins. This will be very similar to the calculation used for the West Region Overall Team Champion and the National Outdoor Overall Team Champion created by USA Archery.

Qualifying Scores

For Qualifying scores, the combined score calculation from all 3 qualifiers using the highest score from each participant. The top 10 scores from each division will be awarded descending points (i.e. 1st place gets 10 points, 2nd gets 9 points, etc.).

Mixed Team

Mixed Team will be awarded based upon the number of teams in that division and classification, descending 20 points or 10 points for each placement (e.g. if Recurve Men A Team has 10 teams, 1st place gets 200, 2nd 180 points, etc. but Recurve Men B Team with 10 teams, 1st Place gets 100 points, 2nd gets 90 points, etc.). At minimum, fielding an A team will get you 20 points (last place) and fielding an additional B team will get you 10 points (last place).

Round Robins

For every win an athlete gets during round robins they earn 1 point for their team towards the Conference Champion title.

General Rules and Information

Whistle Commands and Timing System

At this time, due to the variability of venues and availability of different resources, timers will not necessarily be on the field of play for all venues. Instead the Director of Shooting (DOS) will have a whistle and stopwatch to mark time and announce each end. While this may be less representative of official qualification rounds, this opens more venues to host making it easier for athletes to participate and attend.

However, at NIACC in the Easton Archery Center of Excellence, there will be a timing system visible to all athletes.


For qualifiers, there will be a COJ on site to answer any questions regarding rules, help the venue hosts run equipment inspection, and resolve any problems that may come up during the qualifier. However, there will not be line judges available.

NIACC will have line judges to ensure that all teams comply with the World Archery and USA Archery Rules and standards for team rounds and olympic rounds.


There will be a check-in table near the entrance of the range (Qualifiers) or check-in will be located at the table immediately inside the Indoor Range (NIACC). Every athlete should check-in before the start of official practice. Athletes who are not checked-in will be removed from the participant list. Team Captains or Coaches can check in their whole team but need to provide a roster with the list of their athletes in alphabetical order and noting which division they are shooting.


During Qualifiers, Lunch availability will be up to individual venue hosts and the availability around the venue. The qualifiers are a morning event finishing around lunch time so it is highly recommended that teams take the opportunity to grab lunch with other teams and meet other athletes from other schools!

For NIACC, the Lunch break will be 1-hour and due to the location at the UC Davis ARC Pavilion, it is recommended that you have a coach or team captain order lunch ahead of time to pick up and deliver during the start of lunch rather than traveling out.

Shade and Chairs

The availability of tents and chairs for athletes is dependent on the venue hosts. More information regarding that will be updated as we approach the qualifiers and emailed out to registered participants. For the most part, we recommend bringing pop-up tents for shade.

Shooting in Multiple Divisions

Athletes may shoot in multiple divisions for qualifiers, but their scores will only count towards the single division they shoot it for (e.g. someone shooting barebow cannot register for barebow and recurve and only shoot 60-arrows, they must shoot 60-arrows for each division). You are welcome to shoot multiple divisions as long as each division has a full 60-arrows shot (e.g. you can shoot barebow during AB line and bowhunter during CD line or at Qualifier 1 you shoot Recurve and Qualifier 2 you should Compound, etc.).

Due to the nature of the events and schedule in NIACC, athletes can only shoot one (1) division during that tournament.

Mixed Team Format

Standard timing for each mixed teams is 80 seconds for 4 arrows. The clock will start a countdown of 10 seconds before it displays 80 seconds. Archers cannot cross the 1 meter line until the initial 10 seconds have passed.

Each team will have 2 targets on the bale, one above the other. It it up to the athletes whether they shoot one arrow in each target face or shoot two arrows in a target face. However, there must be two arrows in each target face. If there are more than two, the highest arrow will be removed. We will not be timing individual shots so whether an archer shoots 2 arrows at once or they rotate after every shot is up to the athletes to decide.

Recurve and Barebow mixed teams will be going to 5 set points (we will be following World Archery rules for scoring) with a tie at 4-4 taking the match to a shoot off. Compound and Bowhunter will shoot 4 ends of 4 arrows doing cumulative scoring with a tie in points at the end of 4 ends taking the match to a shoot off. Compound archers will continue scoring inner 10.

During team shoot offs, each athlete will shoot 1 arrow, and the team with more points takes the match. In the event that the teams tie in points, the arrow closest to the center wins

Round Robins

The morning of NIACC consists of 5 round robin matches within a person's flight. Flights will be created from qualification rounds (i.e. archers ranked 1-6 will be in the first flight for their division, 7-12 the second flight and so on).

Similar to the mixed team matches, Recurve and Barebow will be using the set system while Compound and Bowhunter will use cumulative scoring. However, Recurve and Barebow will go to 6 set points while Compound and Bowhunter will do a total of 5 ends.

Due to the number of people attending, we will be doing AB/CD shooting lines for Round Robins. Your opponent should be shooting on the line with you during the round robins (i.e. if you’re on target 15A, your opponent should be on 15B). If they are not, please contact the tournament director immediately.

Sportsmanship and Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Such conduct by an athlete or anyone deemed to be assisting an athlete shall result in disqualification of the athlete in question and may further result in suspension from future events (World Archery Rules,

It is our responsibility to create a fair and equal playing field for all participants and ensure that everyone is treated with respect, including tournament staff, judges, coaches, spectators, and the athletes themselves. As a result, any unsportsmanlike conduct (e.g. cheating of any kind, harassment, disrespectful behavior, etc.) will be taken very seriously and may result in disqualification from the tournament. Multiple misconduct strikes from members of the same team can lead to disqualification of the team from the event, and if severe enough may result in suspension from the events in the future.

The collegiate archery community is filled with great people who are extremely supportive and are here to have fun and enjoy the sport! Everyone makes mistakes and many people are new to the sport so please have patience with the people around you, whether they’re your coaches, team members, competitors, judges, or tournament staff.