Leadership Through Sport: Why you?
5:00 PM17:00

Leadership Through Sport: Why you?

Speaker: Ken Lane, Bridgepoint Executive Business Coach

This world and your future are undoubtedly filled with people who are just as smart, just as educated, and just as experienced, or more of all of the above. Why should we hire you? Why should we accept you to our program? Why should we take you, even if there are people far more qualified than you? Why you?

Those questions aren't asking you how you have a better education or have more experience than another, they're asking what values you bring to the table, what matters to you, and why those things are important to who you are in helping achieve an organization's mission.

Ken Lane, a Bridgepoint Executive Business Coach, discusses the connection between understanding personal values and missions translate from sport to career and the impact that we are able to make when we start with the question, why you?

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