2019 SIACC Qualifier #3 | Los Angeles

2019 SIACC Qualifier #3 | Los Angeles


Presented by Trojan Archery
Easton Rancho Park Archery Range - 2459 Motor Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90064
Deadline for pre-registration: Wednesday, November 7, 2018 11:59:59 PM
For information regarding the venue (parking, food, etc.) contact: archery@usc.edu

Qualifiers are casual, low-cost competitive opportunities consisting of two 30-arrow scoring rounds that may take place in outdoor or indoor venues. Athletes can attend as many qualifiers as they would like, but they need to attend and complete at least one (1) qualifier to be able to shoot for the conference championship in January.

The highest scores from all of the qualifiers athletes have participated in will be taken and used to rank archers for each division and determine the flights for round robins and participants of mixed team rounds.

$10 pre-registration
$15 walk-on

Please note, there is no guarantee that there will be available space for walk-ons so it is highly recommended that you pre-register before the deadline!

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